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Jesus on Creation In these words of Jesus we find He teaches that Adam and Eve were created in ‘the beginning of the creation’—not billions of years after the beginning!
Jesus, evangelical scholars, and the age of the earth Besides the […] evidence that Jesus took Genesis 1-11 as straightforward reliable history, the gospel writers record several statements that Jesus made, which are relevant to the age of the earth.
The Most Important Verse in the Bible? It has often been pointed out that, if a person really believes Genesis 1:1, he will not find it difficult to believe anything else recorded in the Bible.
Interpreting Genesis 1-11 [ Dr. Russell Fuller ] Dispute over the Interpretation of Genesis 1:1. Not all passages of Scripture, of course, have a clear “plain sense.” Traditionally, interpreters have understood
1:1-5 In the Begining God [ Geoff Thomas ] The Bible begins with God and so we must begin with him always, when a child is born, or when someone we love is sick or dying, when prayers are answered
John Gill's Introduction to Genesis This book, in the Hebrew copies of the Bible, and by the Jewish writers, is generally called Bereshith, which signifies "in the beginning", being the first word of it; as the other four books of Moses are also called from their initial words.
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The New Defender's Study Bible 1:1 God. This opening verse of the Bible is unique, the foundation of foundations, probably the first words, ever written down, either revealed to Adam, or even written directly by God Himself. One who really believes Genesis 1:1
John Gill By the heaven some understand the supreme heaven, the heaven of heavens, the habitation of God, and of the holy angels; and this being made perfect at once, no mention is after made of it, as of the earth; and it is