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Is the Raqiya‘ (‘Firmament’) a Solid Dome? Anti-Christian skeptics often denounce the Bible as teaching a faulty cosmology. One example is the assertion that the Hebrew word raqiya‘, or ‘firmament’ in the KJV, denotes a solid dome
Water Near Edge of Universe Bolsters Creation Cosmology Perhaps the waters spoken of in Genesis 1:6 are these "waters that be above the heavens," presumably located "above" the stars.
The Third Firmament The English word "firmament" in the Bible is a translation of the Hebrew, raqia, meaning "expanse." Its meaning is not "firm boundary" as Biblical critics have alleged, but might be better paraphrased
Year-Long Summertime While the Bible doesn't give too many details, many feel that the water above the atmosphere was in the form of invisible water vapor (gas) surrounding the earth. This "canopy," as it is called, would have caused conditions

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The New Defender's Study Bible 1:6 firmament. The “firmament” is not a great vaulted dome in the sky, as liberals have interpreted it, but is simply the atmospheric expanse established between the waters above and below.
John Gill On which the Spirit of God was sitting and moving, ( Genesis 1:2 ) part of which were formed into clouds, and drawn up into heaven by the force of the body of fire and light already produced