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Perspectives on Life In no passage of Scripture are plants associated with any of the terms for "life." Plants do not have chayor nephesh or ruwach or any blood. Period. Neither are they "moving creatures."
Did Plant Growth Require Vast Ages? To accommodate thousands or millions of years, this text would have to mean, "And God said, Let the earth eventually bring forth grass, then after eons of trial and decay, the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind
Are Plants Alive? One such problem relates to the nature of plants and the "lower" animals. The Bible teaches that in the original creation, there was to be no death. Yet God also instructed Adam and Eve, as well as the animals (Genesis 1:29-30) to be plant eaters.
The Creation of Plants One of the favorite biblical arguments used these days by Christian advocates of an old earth comes from a forced interpretation of this verse. While the verse seems to teach "sudden" creation, old-earth advocates interpret the verse

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The New Defender's Study Bible 1:11 bring forth grass. The ability of the earth to begin immediately producing abundant plant life everywhere, on the very same day as the forming of the land surfaces, shows that the upper portion of the crust was a rich soil
John Gill And God said, let the earth bring forth grass. Which had been impregnated by the Spirit of God that moved upon it when a fluid; and though now become dry land, it retained sufficient moisture in it