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It's Alive! Life is unique. “And God created…every living creature that moveth” (Genesis 1:21). Obviously, animal and human life are different from plant life. In fact, the Bible uses the Hebrew word chay (life) and its derivatives 763 times in the Old Testament
Dragons in Paradise The first reference to created animals, in Genesis 1:21, says that “God created great whales,” but the Hebrew word for “whales” (tanniynim) is translated “dragons” in over 20 other passages. Note especially Isaiah 27:1: “In that day
Christ Our Life All the scientific evidence shows that life cannot be produced naturalistically, so it is nothing but anti-God bigotry to deny that God could have created it. The very first chapter of the Bible affirms that "God created . . . every living creature"
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The New Defender's Study Bible 1:21 living creature. It is significant that the word “create” (Hebrew bara) is applied to the introduction of animal life, but not to plant life. Plants are highly complex replicating chemical systems, as are animals
John Gill And God created great whales. Which the Targums of Jonathan and Jarchi interpret of the Leviathan and its mate, concerning which the Jews have many fabulous things: large fishes are undoubtedly meant, and the whale being of the largest sort